Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rémi ZDB branding project
hex paper weights from Iacoli &McAllister
Rad Hourani 2011 collection

Miu Miu satin color-block dress

I'm working on a fun branding project for Rémi ZDB, a new salon here in Austin. Rémi doesn't cut hair; he designs hair in the true sense. Here's a sneak peek from the project mood board, which has a lot of fashion references that I'd like in my closet.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Imaginary Animal
Imaginary Animal is the work of Marie Gardeski, a super talented artist and friend. Marie and I went to grad school together and I am always amazed by the magic this lady creates. Case in point:

Why, yes, that is hand soap made in the shape of doll hands. Genius. You can  pick up a set of her wonderful hand soap here.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Reorganizing the studio this week when I came across this image via Remain Simple. I have been hiding all my fabric in clear plastic tubs since our move, but I'd love to find a better way to store them while keeping it all nice and clean. How do you store your fabric?

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Monday, June 13, 2011

More scenes from the Oakland house
Outside of Rich St. house
A few more sneak peeks at our old house in Oakland, CA, photographed in August 2009 by Sven Wiederholt. We had a gorgeous garden out front all thanks to the green thumb and hard work of  our dear friend Jocelyn.
Hallway with parachuting giraffes
The hallway, strung up with our Miss Natalie parachuting baby giraffes (a bizarre way to display my first product, handkerchiefs).
Details from the studio
Prepping our favorite breakfast
Ben and I in the kitchen, making our favorite breakfast. I would give my left arm to have those pretzels croissants anywhere in Austin--my favorite pastry from the Temescal farmer's market.
Hawkeye, who bewitched the photographer. Sven fell in love and I have about 100 photos of Hawkeye being cute from that day. I can't wait to share photos from our new house in Austin soon. We're wrapping up our interior renovations this summer and fingers crossed will have a house warming party in August. If you've ever renovated a house, you know our pain.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Love/Hate with Pinterest
You've heard me talk before about the joys of Pinterest, but after a few months on the site, I'm starting to notice the darker side of the tool. Yes, it can be wonderful for keeping track of inspirational images, but as the list of boards I follow and people following me grows, I am getting overwhelmed. So many images to digest, and no context to understand them in. I find myself going on there less and less these days.

As I get older (and wiser, maybe?), I find the need to edit, edit, and edit my life and what fills my time. I see that in my closet (which has drastically shrunk) and I see that in how I am decorating my new house. I'm currently in the midst of a major edit of my business, Miss Natalie, as well. Maybe I need to just edit down the number of boards I am following?  I tried this trick a while ago and currently only follow 8 people.
Then, of course, there is the unspoken issue of having the same images being pinned over and over again. As a designer who uses Pinterest to keep track of inspiration, I don't always want someone else to repin my finds. There, I said it. An inspirational image can be interpreted in my many different ways, but sometimes you don't want to share that exact idea with the world. I have heard countless folks says, "I wish I could keep my pinboards private". To that effect, I've actually set up a separate account for my developing ideas in an attempt to work around the issue. I am not the only one out there doing this, nor the only one who thinks that should be an option on the website (just check out their FAQ page). We always modify and hack tools to get what we need form them, so this small work around isn't that dramatic.

Are you using Pinterest? What are your thoughts about it, pros and cons?


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

While going through old boxes with my dad, we stumbled upon some great family photos I hadn't seen. Here is a polaroid of my grandmother (or Teta) taken sometime in the 1980s at her house in Queens. I love that her outfit and shawl mimics the illustrated card of Mary hanging up in the dish cabinet.
I've been making my own yogurt lately, which always reminds me of her. As a kid I spent many afternoons hanging out in this house, rummaging through old albums with my grandfather or being over-fed by Teta with an early dinner. She and my grandfather would eat dinner around 3pm, and then have tea, cheese, and bread with jam around 8pm. The most common phrase I used in that house was always, "Bess, Teta, bess!" (translated to mean "enough"), in response to another spoonful of food appearing on my plate.

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Looking Back, Moving Forward
While sorting through old photos, I came across some shots of our old house in Oakland, CA. These images were photographed by the uber talented Sven Wiederholt in August of 2009. Sven visited us with our friend Miki right before we moved to Texas. As we wrap up renovations on our new house in Austin, it's strange to look back on these images and wonder what our new house will look like when we're "finished" (it's never finished, right?). The following are all scenes from the bedroom.

Window in master bedroom
A still life at the window, with some of our favorite things: punk rock, pork, succulents, and folk art.
Penny for your thoughts, Ira?
Why, yes, that is an Ira Glass pillow on our fake Eames chair. We let go of the fake Eames before the move, but I've still got Ira.
Mantle in Bedroom
The mantle of our non-working fireplace, which I disguised with my favorite vintage polka dot silk skirt. Artwork by various etsy artists, including a custom plaster heart with felt dart by our friends Something's Hiding In Here. My favorite thing on here, though, is a 2" x 1" photo taken of Ben and I on our very first date, Valentine's Day 2004. He flew halfway across the country to see me, and I took him to the one vegan restaurant in Detroit.

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