Wednesday, June 08, 2011

While going through old boxes with my dad, we stumbled upon some great family photos I hadn't seen. Here is a polaroid of my grandmother (or Teta) taken sometime in the 1980s at her house in Queens. I love that her outfit and shawl mimics the illustrated card of Mary hanging up in the dish cabinet.
I've been making my own yogurt lately, which always reminds me of her. As a kid I spent many afternoons hanging out in this house, rummaging through old albums with my grandfather or being over-fed by Teta with an early dinner. She and my grandfather would eat dinner around 3pm, and then have tea, cheese, and bread with jam around 8pm. The most common phrase I used in that house was always, "Bess, Teta, bess!" (translated to mean "enough"), in response to another spoonful of food appearing on my plate.

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