Monday, October 31, 2011

Where Good Ideas Come From

While thinking about inspiration, I stumbled upon an interesting book by Steven Johnson called "Where Good Ideas Come From." This book trailer provides a wonderful primer to the topic, not to mention being extremely entertaining. I often struggle between the amount of time I spend looking for inspiration, and the amount of time I spend actually making, sketching, or thinking. Some days the internet feels evil, like it's out there to just suck up all our time. In truth, it's not; it just requires us all to be more disciplined and aware of how we spend our time (not a bad thing).

One of the most interesting points Johnson touches upon is that ideas take time, and sometimes we can't see them clearly--we need a trigger or something else to happen so they can be revealed to us. I can testify to that exact experience. I know I have struggled through finding my place as a designer for years; it's not easy to classify what exactly I do. I do a lot of things, and that's a good thing. It's taken me years to understand that ultimately, I love making objects, creating patterns, and working with tactile materials.

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