Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Miss Natalie @ West Elm Pop-up
2011 is the year of the pop-up in Austin! Miss Natalie will be participating in an amazing pop-up event at West Elm on Saturday, 2/26, from 1-6pm at the West Elm Austin store. We'll have all your favorites, and lots of new items not yet in the Etsy shop. The wonderful Abby Powell-Thompson of abby try again has curated a beautiful selection of local Austin Etsy sellers, including Leah Duncan, Paloma's Next, and Make ATX, just to name a few. Also, Salt & Time will be there selling salamis and pickled veggies.

Help us spread the word about this great event! There will be wonderful drinks and food, so be sure to RSVP and forward on to your friends.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yokoo in January
photo by Yokoo

One of my favorite artists/makers of the last few years is Yokoo. You have no doubt seen her work on the Etsy homepage, in style blogs, or maybe in the New York Times. She's smart, talented, and the girl can style like nobody's business. She wears vintage clothes like we all envision ourselves wearing vintage clothes when we make a purchase, but are too lazy to actually fix the hem or cinch that waist in. Recently she posted a photo montage of all the images she's collected this past January, and the sheer quantity (let alone quality) shocked me. Take a look.

Yokoo Aperture Library from Yokoo Gibraan on Vimeo.
Right? There are so many amazing finds in here, many of which I had also flagged, but lots of crazy new images I had never seen. It's fun to watch the trends she gravitates towards, as I catch myself falling in those same directions. Aside from being in awe, I started to wonder how many images I had seen in the month of January and either pinned, grabbed, flagged and tagged for myself. Probably just as many. What does looking at so many images a day do to us? Are we spending more time looking for inspiration/finds than we are actually making work? I wonder about this--are my creative processes being swayed and changed too quickly? Do I have enough time to just sit and think about what I'm looking at, or am I being pulled (willingly) on to the next image before I can even process the first.

What do you think?

A few nights ago I found Yokoo's etsy portrait and she talks about the need for quiet in the creative process. I completely understand.

Handmade Portraits: YOKOO from Etsy on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Canoe Pop-Up Recap
Canoe sign
Hey there, friends! Sorry for the slow return, but it's taken me a while to bounce back from the madness of last week's Canoe pop-up shop.

It was, in a word, INSANE!! We had so many wonderful folks brave the ice and join us for an amazing evening. I spent all night dashing to and fro to welcome folks that I hardly had time to take any snaps. Here are a few, and I'm hoping to post some more soon.

The Goods
photo by Blake Suarez
The evening starting out quiet nice and we gathered a great crowd early on. Salami was eaten, whiskey was poured, and stylish men were everywhere--in my world, all good things.

Artwork by Tom Runkle
It was a party that ol' Willie would have been happy to be at. Flannels were flying, and boots were walking out the door. We sold so many of our favorites, and heard such great stories from folks buying. I am sorting through goods now, so mark your calendars for this weekend--the shop will be up and running by this Sunday! I just wrote that, so I am now officially obligated to make it happen. See how that works?

I'll post more pics soon, once I track some more down. If you took photos at the event, hit us up at info@missnatalie.com.

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Friday, February 04, 2011

Canoe Pop-Up Tonight + This Humble Abode
Tonight is THE night, friends! Our Canoe Pop-Up shop is happening later today from 5:30-10pm at Public School. We woke up to some lovely snow this morning here in Austin, which canceled my morning class (woo-hoo!) and gives us a bit more time to spit and polish everything. If you're looking for some cold weather clothes, Canoe has you covered. We have flannels galore, puffer vests, heavy wool jackets, sturdy boots, and lots of warm layers for you.

In addition to warm layers, we also have beautiful hand-sewn ties from This Humble Abode to spruce up that stylish outfit. Jenny hand-sews her ties on the bias, and will also have an array of hand-sewn handkerchiefs, available with or without some witty embroidery.

I am a HUGE handkerchief fan and have been collecting them since my high school days. They remind me of my father and also my grandfather, whose hankie I am using right now. They are durable, soft on your nose, and a personal item that carries both personal meaning and practical value, especially during cold days like we're seeing now. My grandfather is a big influence on the ideas behind Canoe, as he valued quality goods and was a superb craftsman who paid attention to the details.

The sun is out shining now, and it feels like a good day ahead. I can't wait to share what we've been working on with everyone, meet new/old friends, and have some laughs. Tonight we'll have some good whiskey to warm you up, salami to keep you going, and some great products to share. Be sure to come up and say hello-- I'll be the girl in the flannel with a big grin, probably hammering at a leather tag and sipping a hot toddie. See you there!

Canoe Pop-Up Shop
TONIGHT! Friday, February 4th
1021 e.7th St, suite 102 
Austin, TX

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Pop-Up Vendor: Tom Runkle
We have a lot in store for folks this Friday night at the Canoe pop-up shop, including the amazing artwork of Tom Runkle. Tom is a cut glass artist who creates mirror portraits of classic rock-n-roll music icons.

Each of his portraits is cut by hand, not using a glass saw, because he's wonderfully old school like that.

 The butcher's favorite, Tom Waits.

Tom will have several pieces, both large and small, for sale on Friday, and you can also contact him for custom work.

Before we go, just a quick shout out to our new readers from Austin Thrillist--welcome! We had a great write up this morning, which you can check out here. Our Canoe online shop will be open for business on Saturday for those of you who can't make it to the pop-up event on Friday. Stay tuned this week for more sneak peeks and vendor highlights!

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