Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pop-Up Vendor: Caitlyn Galloway
I'd like to introduce you to Caitlyn Galloway, one of our great vendors at the Canoe Pop-Up Shop this Friday night. Caitlin is an urban farmer, a sign painter, and overall just a super talented friend. We met back in the day at UCSB, and I've just been wow-ed by what this lady can accomplish. Caitlyn has been a guest speaker in my type classes, showing students how to hand paint type, along with creating gorgeous signage for events I've styled.

We'll be offering her wonderful 2011 lunar calendars at the pop-up. Screen printed by hand with rounded corners.

Caitlyn spends most of her time tilling and working this beautiful piece of land in San Francisco with Brooke Budner called Little City Gardens. In their own words, Little City Gardens "is a small urban farm in San Francisco, and it is an experiment in the economic viability of small-scale urban market-gardening. We have been working steadily for a year towards our aims: to craft a way for urban food production to sustain us economically, to build community through innovative, collaborative local food systems, and thus to help establish the path of ‘urban farmer’ as a career."

To learn more about Little City Gardens, check out the video below.

Little City Gardens from caitlyn galloway on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Canoe Pop-Up Shop @ Public School!
The big day has finally come! If you've wondering what I have been hinting at on twitter for the last few weeks, guess no more. Mark your calendars for Friday, February 4th! Canoe is hosting a pop-up shop with our friends at Public School to debut our new line in Texas. We'll be offering classic American workwear, well-loved boots, fancy pocket knives, and hand tooled leather goods for sale. The shop will also feature hand sewn ties by This Humble Abode, rock’n’roll mirror portraits by Tom Runkle, and lunar calendars by Caitlin Galloway
While you shop, enjoy some excellent salami and pickles by local darling Salt & Time, washed down with Maker's Mark or a fine brew by Thirsty Planet Brewing

Stay tuned this coming week as we offer some sneak peeks from our talented group of artists. The Canoe pop-up shop will be open from 5:30-10pm and we hope to see you there! 

Canoe Pop-Up Shop
Friday, February 4th
1021 e.7th St, suite 102
Austin, TX 

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gathering inspiration
With the weather a bit rainy and cold (-ish, for Austin at least), I've been holing up in my studio gathering inspiration and letting it soak through. I'm also daydreaming a lot about Canoe, and how this new line is shaping up. The quick summary of Canoe is "vintage American workwear and leather goods," but for me it's about so much more.

It's about being a tomboy growing up in New York, climbing trees, scraping knees, and seeking out some mischief everyday.

Being self-sufficient, finding adventure, running really fast just to remember that you can.

Having tools that are useful and well-crafted to help you along the way. Making things by hand to see how they work, and re-tooling to get it just right.

This last year has made me feel more like an adult than ever (buying a house, becoming a landlord), so maybe Canoe is just a way to get back to feeling like a kid again. Who knows. But it feels damn good to making new things, working with new materials, and hammering away at something good.
photos from, David Robert Jones, and Ditte Isager.

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Cozy meals
Dinner at Suppenküche
It is cold and rainy here today in Austin--a brief blip in our streak of perfect weather. I wouldn't mind being teleported back to Suppenküche restaurant in SF for a mean spätzle and some warm soup. I never thought I would love German food as much as I do now. A trip to Frankfurt back in high school scared me away from the good stuff, but now I am back on board and thankfully live close to some wonderful German towns here in Texas. Any have good recommendations for classic German restaurants in New Braunfels?


Friday, January 07, 2011

Holidays in Oakland & SF
Happy 2011, Friends! I am just back from our whirlwind trip to the Bay Area over the holidays. Our trip was filled with many friends, cocktails, adventures, cheese-eating, and shop browsing. I had an epic morning at Flora Grubb, where I got to meet Miss Flora herself, who was quiet kind and friendly.
the backyard chickens

Kristi & Silas
I also got to meet many new faces, including several wonderful new kids. This is Silas, who is a handful of pure joy. He's growing up in Alaska with my friends Erin and Aaron, who never cease to amaze me. They were traveling down the west coast in a VW camper van, the same kind I grew up with as a kid.
Last month marked the debut of Canoe, our new line of vintage American workwear and accessories. It was a huge hit at the Renegade Holiday show and I was nearly wiped out of everything I brought! Hence the Canoe shop is totally bare right now, but give us a few weeks and we'll have that stocked back up again shortly.
Canoe sign

Monogrammed Leather stamped ornaments
I did live leather tooling for folks at the show who wanted monogrammed ornaments. That was a blast, as I got to hammer away and show folks a bit of how I make my work. Live leather tooling was quite the hit with kids, who love to watch me bang away and make quiet a scene. Many thanks to my neighbors Leah and Jocelyn who put up with the noise!
Canoe table
Stay tuned for some more Canoe updates, as I have some big plans in the works for an event here in Austin in early February! I can't wait to share, as we're planning something really special that will bring in some family and friends to the mix.

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