Thursday, June 02, 2011

Looking Back, Moving Forward
While sorting through old photos, I came across some shots of our old house in Oakland, CA. These images were photographed by the uber talented Sven Wiederholt in August of 2009. Sven visited us with our friend Miki right before we moved to Texas. As we wrap up renovations on our new house in Austin, it's strange to look back on these images and wonder what our new house will look like when we're "finished" (it's never finished, right?). The following are all scenes from the bedroom.

Window in master bedroom
A still life at the window, with some of our favorite things: punk rock, pork, succulents, and folk art.
Penny for your thoughts, Ira?
Why, yes, that is an Ira Glass pillow on our fake Eames chair. We let go of the fake Eames before the move, but I've still got Ira.
Mantle in Bedroom
The mantle of our non-working fireplace, which I disguised with my favorite vintage polka dot silk skirt. Artwork by various etsy artists, including a custom plaster heart with felt dart by our friends Something's Hiding In Here. My favorite thing on here, though, is a 2" x 1" photo taken of Ben and I on our very first date, Valentine's Day 2004. He flew halfway across the country to see me, and I took him to the one vegan restaurant in Detroit.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw. isn't it funny to look at pictures of old houses? It always makes me nostalgic, mainly for the things I've gotten rid of that I forgot I even owned until I saw them again in photos :)

6/02/2011 11:04 PM  

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