Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gathering inspiration
With the weather a bit rainy and cold (-ish, for Austin at least), I've been holing up in my studio gathering inspiration and letting it soak through. I'm also daydreaming a lot about Canoe, and how this new line is shaping up. The quick summary of Canoe is "vintage American workwear and leather goods," but for me it's about so much more.

It's about being a tomboy growing up in New York, climbing trees, scraping knees, and seeking out some mischief everyday.

Being self-sufficient, finding adventure, running really fast just to remember that you can.

Having tools that are useful and well-crafted to help you along the way. Making things by hand to see how they work, and re-tooling to get it just right.

This last year has made me feel more like an adult than ever (buying a house, becoming a landlord), so maybe Canoe is just a way to get back to feeling like a kid again. Who knows. But it feels damn good to making new things, working with new materials, and hammering away at something good.
photos from, David Robert Jones, and Ditte Isager.

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