Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pop-Up Vendor: Caitlyn Galloway
I'd like to introduce you to Caitlyn Galloway, one of our great vendors at the Canoe Pop-Up Shop this Friday night. Caitlin is an urban farmer, a sign painter, and overall just a super talented friend. We met back in the day at UCSB, and I've just been wow-ed by what this lady can accomplish. Caitlyn has been a guest speaker in my type classes, showing students how to hand paint type, along with creating gorgeous signage for events I've styled.

We'll be offering her wonderful 2011 lunar calendars at the pop-up. Screen printed by hand with rounded corners.

Caitlyn spends most of her time tilling and working this beautiful piece of land in San Francisco with Brooke Budner called Little City Gardens. In their own words, Little City Gardens "is a small urban farm in San Francisco, and it is an experiment in the economic viability of small-scale urban market-gardening. We have been working steadily for a year towards our aims: to craft a way for urban food production to sustain us economically, to build community through innovative, collaborative local food systems, and thus to help establish the path of ‘urban farmer’ as a career."

To learn more about Little City Gardens, check out the video below.

Little City Gardens from caitlyn galloway on Vimeo.

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