Friday, January 07, 2011

Holidays in Oakland & SF
Happy 2011, Friends! I am just back from our whirlwind trip to the Bay Area over the holidays. Our trip was filled with many friends, cocktails, adventures, cheese-eating, and shop browsing. I had an epic morning at Flora Grubb, where I got to meet Miss Flora herself, who was quiet kind and friendly.
the backyard chickens

Kristi & Silas
I also got to meet many new faces, including several wonderful new kids. This is Silas, who is a handful of pure joy. He's growing up in Alaska with my friends Erin and Aaron, who never cease to amaze me. They were traveling down the west coast in a VW camper van, the same kind I grew up with as a kid.
Last month marked the debut of Canoe, our new line of vintage American workwear and accessories. It was a huge hit at the Renegade Holiday show and I was nearly wiped out of everything I brought! Hence the Canoe shop is totally bare right now, but give us a few weeks and we'll have that stocked back up again shortly.
Canoe sign

Monogrammed Leather stamped ornaments
I did live leather tooling for folks at the show who wanted monogrammed ornaments. That was a blast, as I got to hammer away and show folks a bit of how I make my work. Live leather tooling was quite the hit with kids, who love to watch me bang away and make quiet a scene. Many thanks to my neighbors Leah and Jocelyn who put up with the noise!
Canoe table
Stay tuned for some more Canoe updates, as I have some big plans in the works for an event here in Austin in early February! I can't wait to share, as we're planning something really special that will bring in some family and friends to the mix.

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