Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Canoe Pop-Up Recap
Canoe sign
Hey there, friends! Sorry for the slow return, but it's taken me a while to bounce back from the madness of last week's Canoe pop-up shop.

It was, in a word, INSANE!! We had so many wonderful folks brave the ice and join us for an amazing evening. I spent all night dashing to and fro to welcome folks that I hardly had time to take any snaps. Here are a few, and I'm hoping to post some more soon.

The Goods
photo by Blake Suarez
The evening starting out quiet nice and we gathered a great crowd early on. Salami was eaten, whiskey was poured, and stylish men were everywhere--in my world, all good things.

Artwork by Tom Runkle
It was a party that ol' Willie would have been happy to be at. Flannels were flying, and boots were walking out the door. We sold so many of our favorites, and heard such great stories from folks buying. I am sorting through goods now, so mark your calendars for this weekend--the shop will be up and running by this Sunday! I just wrote that, so I am now officially obligated to make it happen. See how that works?

I'll post more pics soon, once I track some more down. If you took photos at the event, hit us up at

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Blogger Jenny said...

Look at all those people! And all those goodies!

2/09/2011 5:35 PM  

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