Saturday, July 16, 2011

Studio Shots
In the Canoe studio
studio closet
Scenes from the Canoe studio
Photo shoot in the studio today. So nice to have it all clean and sparse; there are several boxes that were shoved into other rooms to make this happen. Don't let blog folks fool you! When a photographer is coming to visit, you hide the junk and spend a lot of time making things looks casual and clean. I spent half of Friday making striped curtains to hide the closet. I really don't want to drag all those boxes back in here, so maybe the time has come to finally go through them? I wish my small closet actually went down into a cellar where I could hide it all! Just like Hermione Granger's magical purse. Don't tell me what happened--I am waiting for a Monday matinee to catch the final Potter installment.



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