Friday, March 04, 2011

Outside the studio
Audrey's 1st lesson
Least you think I never leave the studio (although it sometimes feels that way), here's a quick recap of February adventures. I took Audrey for her first horse back rising lesson. Here she is making her horse moonwalk, which was pretty impressive. She was as natural as could be on that horse. Are all 7 year old girls like this? She was trotting, turning, and in charge within 40 minutes.

New Orleans
For President's day weekend, we zipped down to New Orleans to celebrate my mother's 65th birthday, along with 2 other family birthdays. I say zipped, but what I mean to say is a 9-hour car ride with two small kids. Thank god for Red box. Twelve members of my crew wandering around New Orleans can be dangerous; one trip to the ER later, all was fine. Let's just say that when you go to a five-star restaurant, you might want to check out the sturdiness of their chairs before the 80-years old matriarch of your family sits down in one.

Butcher in New Orleans
Sadly, Ben couldn't join on this trip, so I took the pilgrimage with my folks to visit Cochon Butcher. The space was beautiful and well designed, but no one was butchering so I felt a bit of a let down. I wanted to see some sides of beef hanging. I guess naming it the more appropriate "Deli" was less exciting.

Pastrami at Butcher, New Orleans
We ordered a few sandwiches, which were a bit less than stellar. The pastrami, above, was not what we New Yorker's think of as a pastrami sandwich. My dad scoffed at the use of a sweet pickle (!!), but I was more bummed by the lack of meat on the sandwich and lack of flavor. It looked so promising! I am obsessed with their branded deli wrap paper. If only it wasn't so expensive to print, I would have that all over Salt & Time. I spend too much time thinking about food packaging.

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