Sunday, July 18, 2010

 Just when it seems like the craziness has settled, a new week comes up with new challenges and I'm wondering, "When do we get back to normal?" As August approaches, we're reaching our one-year milestone here in Austin, and life is still so topsy-turvy and filled to the brim with excitement. And stress. And long 75-minute commutes each way, almost everyday between the Lake house, work, and the house project.

 Renovating a home is never easy, so I won't bore you with stories from this first time buyer. You make mistakes despite all the research, and you suck it up and find ways around disasters. But all the juggling and list-making has been keeping me from actually making stuff, which is my true love.

 I've had two website renovation plans go on hiatus permanently as I juggle all the other things that need to get done now. BUT, despite all this, I keep telling myself to B EZ, sage advice from my friend Jess (given over 5 years ago and still heeded--that's impressive). Soon enough we'll be settled into our new home, and I can finally unpack and setup my full studio, half of which has been in storage for the year. Patience, patience, patience. I've learned a lot about that this year.

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