Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big News + a Breather
You still there? Life has been crazy this last month and will continue to do so for a while. Lots of big changes and excitement, so without further ado:

1) We bought our first house, a major fixer-upper in South Austin. Hoping we'll be move-in ready by end of May/early June. I hope that didn't just jinx us.
2) I've started teaching full-time.
3) Salt & Time is launching in May, with a debut this Thursday at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden Party. You can already get a taste on the charcuterie plate at the Hotel Saint Cecilia.
4) Miss Natalie's Heirloom Growth charts are featured in the May issue of Pregnancy Magazine--yes, the one with Kelly Kapowski on the cover!
5) Miss Natalie will be at the Renegade Austin Craft show in a few short weeks, May 15-16th.
6) We'll also be heading back to our hometown for Renegade Brooklyn on June 5-6th.
7) Blogger has been refusing to post photos, so I can't show you proof of any of this!

I will be revamping the site and switching servers shortly, so we may disappear for a week or two while the shift occurs. Fear not, though! We will be back with a better looking site and more bells/whistles. Keep up to date by following our twitter @DearMissNatalie


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