Monday, August 11, 2008

PoppyTalk Handmade
I just got back from my whirlwind East Coast tour very early this morning and am still adjusting back to California time. I'll have many, many photos to share from my trip, which had me in Philadelphia, New York City, Queens (my hometown), Providence, and finally Martha's Vineyard. My first night was spent touring around downtown Philadelphia with Vanessa and Doug, who gave me the full historical tour of his hometown via tandem bike. Thankfully I got to sit in the back and just coast as he did most of the pedaling. What a way to see a city!

Also, check out our new wares at the PoppyTalk Handmade "School Days" market, which opens today. We have apple boxes, egg sets, lunch bags, and many more things to help you start the school year off right! Many thanks to Jan & Earl for their awesome support of Miss Natalie. PoppyTalk is such a wonderful blog and highlights a wide array of artists.

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