Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thriving on chaos
I always thought I was the one sane person in my family who didn't take on twenty projects at a time, but after a phone call with my sister last night, I realized that was a complete fantasy. My sister takes multi-tasking to an art form, but she learned it all from our mother, who has a full time job, runs a major NIH-funded research project, and freelances--you know, just on the side. I've come to the conclusion that I thrive best when I have lots of balls in the air, but then I need short sabbaticals to recharge. Just when you think you're oh so different from your family, BAM! You find yourself growing up and being just like them. I can just see the high school version of myself rolling her eyes.

This weekend is all about the balance, as shown in the photo above of my two side businesses. Our growth charts have been kicking it around the blogs this week--thank you for all the lovely press! It's so exciting to see an idea realized, and watch it grow and spread. We're working through this insane Bay Area heatwave to get more charts made. The Capsule SF fair is fast approaching (next Sunday, May 25th!), so we have lots more to go.

Tonight I'm driving out to the Capay farm to get back to work on wedding preparations for one of my favorite clients, Kristi & Blair. We'll be hauling major river rocks up from the creek to mark paths and garden beds. Since it's going to be 98 tomorrow, I imagine we'll also be jumping in the creek a lot, as well. The photo above shows test prints of their wedding invitation, which was so fun to make. I'm going to post more photos of my client work soon, just another glimpse into my strange mind.

Speaking of, I forgot to mention that Poppytalk did a Miss Natalie Studio Visit last month! Check it out on their April 30th, 2008 post (scroll to the second entry).

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