Monday, May 26, 2008

The Daily Coyote
I don't remember how I found this gem, but I've been fixated on The Daily Coyote lately. It's the daily journal of writer Shreve Stockton. In her own words:

Charlie is a wild-born coyote who was unexpectedly delivered to my doorstep this past April after both his parents were shot for killing sheep. Whatever reservations I had about raising a wild animal simply didn't matter - couldn't matter - when I realized his survival, at least in the short term, depended on me.

At the time I write this, Charlie is nearly six months old. I don't think of him as "my pet," even though he sleeps curled against me every night (every night except the nights around a full moon), and happily rides in my truck, and adores my cat. I don't wish to own him, just to live together in harmony. And that we do.

Her photos and tales of Charlie are amazing. It fulfills a deep childhood fantasy of mine to run away to the forest and live amongst the animals. This can be traced to my fascination with St. Francis and various Disney movies I watched while I was home sick from school.

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