Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Craft Maddness
It's Monday night and I'm just now recovering from the madness that was Maker Faire. It was my first 2-day event, and from now on I'm scheduling a vacation day after 2-day shows. It was beyond amazing, but non-stop from dawn 'til dusk the entire weekend. We launched several new products this weekend and had amazing feedback. Our dresses and growth charts were flying, and hankies made a comeback with the Maker crowd.

We only have a few onesies left after our crazy "It's almost Summer" sale. After much love and thought, I've decided to put Miss Natalie onesies on hold to focus on toddler clothing.

Speaking of, here are some shots of our new hand crocheted summer dresses. They are the perfect dress for long summer days, with a hand stenciled pattern and red ribbon along the hem. Made of 100% cotton, and back in the store soon.

We met lots of wonderful folks, and can't wait to visit the amazing Molly & Ashely of Ambatalia Fabric Society at the Mill Valley store. Thanks to all our new and old friends for coming out to the show. For those of you interested in the field recordings, check out Walker Mettling's site The Pedestrian. For info on Strange Encounters, the book we were selling on Sunday, contact Ben Lau at elixir356@gmail.com.

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Blogger Sara Christine said...

I love that little dress! So happy to find your blog (and your awesome growth charts!). Thank you for visiting Miss Jane! :)

5/16/2008 5:32 PM  

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