Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wild Fermentation
Last weekend we went to a benefit for City Slickers Farms in West Oakland. We fell in love with Novella Carpenter and her guerilla farming/livestock raising story, along with many other great presenters. Two good friends, Walker and Tamar, gave a Fermentation Workshop on making your own sauerkraut, which they are both experts at in different veins. Tamar is the classically-trained kraut maker, while Walker makes kraut with more abandon like he's cooking in the wild west.

Here's a sampling of their work. On the far left is a delicious kimchi, followed by a sweet beet kraut with zucchinis, and then the "experiment gone wrong" kraut with cranberries that turned a bit alcoholic and pungent. The experimental kraut won over 1 fan in a room of 20 kraut converts, and he was rewarded with the jar to take home. Our fridge is currently filled with a smattering of kraut and kimchi now, and Ben's kombucha is back in action after he was inspired to start it up again. Most know I have mixed feelings on the kombucha front, but I'm willing to try out some new pomegranate concoctions in the works now.

This book deserves a lot of credit for kicking off the recent craze. It's on my wish list now, and I'll be starting up some yogurt projects of my own soon.

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