Friday, March 07, 2008

Mystery House in Oakland
There is a wonderful wooden house on Claremont Ave in Oakland that is full of mysteries. All the window shades are drawn and a small sign notes a phone number to call for appointments. It's marked only by a hand-wrought metal script that reads, "Clausen".

Each of the windows has a beautiful sculptural guard, a doodle crafted from metal and patience. Poking around the ground flowers and shrubs, you find more whimsical moments of small wooden carvings hidden about.

A back studio space is completely gated off, and at the door to the gate you find this man. I have no idea what goes on behind these gates, but I prefer to imagine something wild and other-worldly. Sure, I could call the number and find out, but that would kill off a bit of the magic, don't you think?

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