Thursday, March 13, 2008

Growing up Deco
Growing up, my parents had a beautiful deco bedroom set that now resides in my sister's guest room. I spent many hours running around this set, banging it up and putting Rainbow Brite stickers on the vanity mirror when no one was looking. A novice gumshoe could narrow down the list of suspects for that crime quite easily. My sister knew better, plus her sticker choice would have been NKOTB at the time.

My mother kept her winter coats and fancy frocks hanging in the left door of this armoire. Whenever we played hide-and-seek, I could always be found nestled in this space, with my face pressed up against my mom's fox fur. When I open the door now, it seems so small I can't imagine how I fit, until my 4-yr old niece jumps inside and shows me her secret spot.

Tomorrow I head to Dallas to visit family and this furniture for the next five days. See you next week!

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