Thursday, March 06, 2008

Capay Valley
In addition to doing a craft show this Saturday in Sacramento (3-11pm @ Bows & Arrows), we're going to be spending the weekend on a beautiful farm in the Capay Valley. Last time we were there was for New Year's eve. The weather was sunny and crisp as we walked along Cache Creek, which serves as the back boundary line of the farm.

Ringing in the New Year, we had a shockingly bright salad lined with watermelon beets and all local produce. Oranges from the orchard just outside the farmhouse door. Homemade beer from our favorite brewmaster. And a first for me--homemade eggnog from the cows two farms over. Potent stuff. Michael Pollan would have been proud.

Looking forward to meandering down the creek this weekend and combing the grounds. I am designing a wedding on the farm in June, so it'll be more of a working vacation, but I don't really consider it work as I love these kinds of projects.

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