Monday, March 03, 2008

Botanical Gardens, or Human Anatomy in Plant Form
We took a whirlwind trip to the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens last week. Found this beautiful quince tree, which I hope to plant whenever I have a house of my own. The color and shape of the blooms were magnificent and reminded me of a well-wrapped present.

The succulent room was fantastical. Very Seussical. This sickle plant made me think of a stack of tongues, one on top of another. Gross and disturbing, but interesting at the same time. What if there were other plants that looked like stacks of arms, or ears, or toes?

This succulent might look like a bunch of pinky toes with heart-shaped ends. The hearts are a bit translucent, which provides a great contrast. Now I want to go back and see if I can find more body-part succulents; maybe I'll do a whole series.

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Blogger tommy said...

you are very right they do like a stack of tongues

3/04/2008 4:38 AM  

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