Tuesday, January 08, 2008

All-for-Nots trailer

The All-for-Nots trailer is now up, created by Dinosaur Diorama. The show follows a fictional indie rock band called “The All-for-Nots,” as they travel the United States on an ill-fated, under-funded and poorly planned tour. An epic journey of hubris, Shakespearean betrayals, and Greek-level inner tragedies - told through a mock-rockumentary lens. Not only a ‘traditional’ internet sitcom, The All-for-Nots spreads over a wide variety of landscapes, incorporating music and live performance events.

I designed the logo and a few posters for the show, and am currently working on business cards and show give-aways for their upcoming tour. Will post more of the design work next week. P.S. I did not design the website.



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